High Speed Rail Through Black Forest

KRDO newscast of 9/20

9/19 The public meeting has been cancelled. CDOT has removed the route through Black Forest from their plans.

9/19 CDOT letter "Black Forest Alignment Withdrawn..." (PDF)

Public Meeting:
Sept. 25, 2012.
Pinery Events Center.       [ CANCELED ]
12375 Black Forest Rd.
6 PM - 8 PM

There is the possibility of HSR cutting Black Forest in half. We're talking a 300+ foot swath of bulldozers rumbling from Marksheffel Rd. and Woodman Rd. to the middle of Poco Rd. then north to Cherry Creek Rd and parts north. Trees be damned, houses be damned, lifestyle be damned.

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This image was found in this CDOT document. p9

This page was started On Aug 6th, 2012. Here are some links found on the web. The reference you want to watch for is: Greenfield. The map presented as the "Greenfield alignment" follows, north from the COS airport, Marksheffel to Woodman Rd to alignment half way between Vollmer Rd and Herring Rd through Black Forest and north. There is real concern as to what just publishing this report has done to property values in Black Forest.

There is a very strong movement to build High Speed Rail country wide. Boston to Miami, New York to Los Angles, Seattle to new Orleans, San Fransisco to Salt Lake City to Denver to Kansas City to Chicago to to to to ... This page is not if HSR is to be build, but where it runs in relation to Black Forest and that is NOT through Black Forest.

AGS - Advanced Guideway System
RMRA - Rocky Mountain Rail Asso.
CDOT - Colorado Dept. of Transportation

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8/17 CDOT seeking I-70 Info The $1.8 million AGS Feasibility Study began in April 2012 and is expected to be completed in fall 2013.
8/15 El Paso County HAC presentation A
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Interregional Connectivity Study (ICS)
RMRA Final Report
RMRA Final Report Appendix I

Colorado should not build HSR
Colorado should build HSR.

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Photo by Judy von Ahlefeldt taken at a CDOT/ICS Open House.





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